Phyto Service - Technical assistance and sale of products for agriculture


Following analysis of the soil's potential, the most suitable development project for the producer's requirements is defined: This includes the choice of varieties, the planting layout and the most suitable farming method. After that, a monitoring process begins through on-site inspections during all the stages of the production process (plant defence, fertilisation plan, pruning, harvesting, etc. etc.)

PHYTO SERVICE aims to become a point of reference in the technical and commercial choices the producer makes, drawing up development plans along with the producer with the aim of increasing the company's productivity and profitability.

PHYTO SERVICE works in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the same assistance to all agricultural producers regardless of their location.

We currently work with the following countries:

Italy, Spain, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kabardino Balkaria, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, North Korea, Francia, Senegal, Estonia, Austria.

PHYTO SERVICE leads farms in every manufacturing process, promptly suggesting solutions suitable to the coltivations safeguard and protection